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Mon Price Chg Delivery Basis Cash  
Mar 16 358'6s
FEB 2016 Chart
Mar 16 358'6s
MAR 2016 Chart
Mon Price Chg Delivery Basis Cash  
Mar 16 872'6s
FEB 2016 Chart
Mar 16 872'6s
MAR 2016 Chart
Cash Bids are subject to change without notice.
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Cash grain basis is updated daily at 4:50pm. Prices above are 10 minutes delayed from CBOT.  For NGFA trade rules click here...

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Mason Elevator News

Mason Elevator Inbound Grain Hours: Please call ahead for grain delivery hours.
Ken Brown is your primary contact for grain related information, including prices, rates, and contracting service.
Delayed Price Rates:
Corn: 7¢/ mo. to 10/15/2014 NCIP in 7 days 
Soybeans: 5¢/ mo. to 10/15/2014 NCIP in 7 days
Red Wheat: 12¢/ mo. NCIP within 30 days
Normal Office Hours: M-F 8:00am - 5:00pm / Sat 8:00am - Noon.

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About Mason Elevator Company & The Andersons
The Andersons Grain & Ethanol Group is party to a grain marketing agreement with the Mason Elevator Grain Company to provide various grain trading and merchandising services. This marketing agreement should strengthen MECO's position in the marketplace and provide enhanced price opportunities to MECO customers.

In The Andersons Statement of Principles we state that we serve God by serving others, and we trust that customers of MECO will see that belief in action as we work with MECO. Grain contracting and pricing to MECO is still done direct with MECO; we are providing this webpage as a service to MECO and their customers.



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Map & Contacts


Toll Free: 800.968.1166
Direct Dial:  517.676.1016
FAX: 517.676.2836 

The Mason Elevator Company
104 South Lansing Street
Mason, MI 48854

View Leslie Farm Center Map
304 East Bellevue Street
Leslie, Michigan 49251


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Rainfall Totals in Mason, MI

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