Ethanol Plant

1 Element Dr.
Colwich, KS 67030

Phone: 316-789-2530

Corn, DDGS, Modified Wet Distillers

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As of March 2020 the Colwich plant has no plans to begin taking Enogen corn in the foreseeable future.

If you have any questions give us a call at 316-789-2530.

Important Info


The Andersons reserves the right to refuse delivery of commodities containing transgenic genes and traits that are not commercially merchantable.

The Andersons fully supports the NGFA’s position that the promotion and sale of varieties that are not approved for export to key markets can cause economic harm to grain handlers and ultimately grain producers and with that, The Andersons Inc. has the right to reject delivery of commodities containing transgenic genes/traits that are not approved for sale in Japan, Mexico, the European Union, China or other US export markets.

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About This Facility

The Andersons and ICM, Inc. have partnered together to create ELEMENT, LLC, a joint venture that is constructing a 70 million gallon-per-year bio-refinery in Colwich, Kansas. The combination of ICM’s next-generation technologies and The Andersons’ merchandising, risk management and logistics expertise has the potential to produce high efficiency, low carbon intensity ethanol. 

The plant is designed to be the most efficient dry mill ethanol plant in the United States. The features that will differentiate this plant from all others in the industry include:

  • Waste wood heat and power generation
  • High protein distillers dried grains (DDGs), ANDVantage 40Y™ and ANDVantage 50Y™

Feed Product Customers
For Inquires, please call our Feed Ingredients Hotline: 866-653-1892