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Jul 17, 2019

Weekly Crop Update


“In 2018, over 50% of soils were low to very low in boron”, states Jessica Link in this week’s crop update. Watch Agronomist Dave Dyson and Product Specialist Jessica Link discuss surfactant burn on soybeans and the importance of foliar fertilization.


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Effects of Weather Shifting from a Wet Spring to a Dry Summer

  1. Dry weather is causing soybeans to burn as a result of applying surfactant to fields
  2. Leaves are expected to overcome any tissue burn
  3. Application of Phosfix will help alleviate damage quicker

Importance of Boron in Soil 

  1. Overall, boron is a more deficient nutrient in soil
  2. Foliar application of boron will provide even coverage to entire field compared to granular boron application which will leave hotspots
  3. Boron is essential during the reproductive stage to maximize yield

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