Crop Progress

Jul 9, 2019

Weekly Crop Update


In this week's crop update, Agronomist Dave Dyson, Product Specialist Jessica Link and Senior Sales Representative Seth Miller talk about low-salt starter providing dividends in the field, hope for hail damage throughout Central Indiana and wheat harvest progressing in Northwest Ohio.


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Corn and Soybean Update

  1. Despite issues with compaction, corn is doing well and overcoming the current growing conditions
  2. Across the overall field, applying starter vs no starter is showing about a 10-inch advantage or a whole growth stage ahead

Hope to Overcome Hail Damage

  1. Strong storms in Central Indiana caused hail damage, but the corn should overcome any harm because it is still in an early growing stage
  2. Before the V4-V5 growing stage of corn, the growing point is below the ground

Wheat Harvest Update

  1. Check your discount schedules to find shrink, moisture, and vomitoxin updates
  2. Vomitoxin is present, but attempts are being made to mitigate severity

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