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Our newest program, Freedom Balance Pro, is a blend of Technical and Structured tools to create a powerhouse approach in managing risk. This program combines four powerful pricing components using technical and structured elements to provide a diversified approach to pricing. 25% of the pricing mechanism will be determined using slow stochastic technical indicators. Buy and sell signals set pricing. 75% of the pricing mechanism combines equal portions of rules-based grain marketing solutions.

PROGRAM ATTRIBUTES: Diversified Pricing

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The Andersons Freedom Balance Pro Technical Indicators TECHNICAL INDICATORS (25%)

Slow stochastics are used to set pricing. When these indicators enter oversold or overbought territory, buy and sell signals are triggered.

The Andersons Freedom Balance Pro Seasonal Averaging SEASONAL AVERAGING (25%)

Bushels are priced during a seasonally higher pricing window.

The Andersons Freedom Balance Pro Min/Max Averaging MIN/MAX AVERAGING (25%)

Bushels are priced daily using both a minimum and maximum hedge price. This portion of pricing is determined by the simple average of each market settlement at the min, max, or anywhere between those levels.

The Andersons Freedom Balance Pro Premium PREMIUM (25%)

A portion of these bushels have the potential to price with premium at a target level if the market reaches the target level on expiration. All bushels will be converted to a futures hedge by the end of the pricing window.

The Andersons Freedom Balance Pro

CZ20 The Andersons Freedom Balance Pro Starts Pricing Earlier


09/03/2019 – 09/16/2020

BASE $0.08 | PBO N/A


Price Adjustment quoted per bushel.

All bushels are guaranteed to price. Basis may be attached at any time during the pricing period. Standard HTA policies and fees may apply.