The Andersons Harvest Reminders & Tips


Your team from The Andersons strives to be your trusted partner. During this time of year, we emphasize risk management as we think about our business and yours. Please manage and mitigate risks in the safety of your operation as well as in your disciplined approach to grain marketing. The health of your business is very important to us. Paramount in importance, and far more personal, is the health and safety of you and your families and teams. So please be safe this fall, and please count on us to be your partner in Grain Marketing. Good luck with your harvest!

The Andersons Harvest Reminders & Tips 

Good luck with your harvest!

Corey Jorgenson
President, Grain Group 


At The Andersons, we strive to be your partner of choice. Your customer experience is important to us, and in order to better serve your business, we would like to remind you of a few important policies and procedures that will ensure a smooth harvest delivery process. Please contact your account representative with any questions.

  1. Payment will be made to the customer name in which the delivery is made. Payment cannot be split among vendors after the application of bushels occurs.
  2. To request that proceeds are moved to hold pay, please notify us before delivering.
  3. Standard check pickup time is 3 pm. If a check is needed before 3 pm, please contact us, and we will make every attempt to accommodate.
  4. If delivery tickets exceed the contract balance and no secondary disposition is made, additional bushels will receive a spot cash price by 9 am ET on the day following delivery.
  5. Returned checks from customers will not be accepted after 30 days from the date printed on the check.



Click here to access our ACH direct deposit form.



This fall, many of us will be working long hours as we attempt to harvest a large number of bushels in a short amount of time. These working conditions can increase the potential for fatigue and can tempt us to take risky shortcuts. We want all of our growers to have a successful harvest and, more importantly, a safe one. Please take a moment to review some important safety tips before delivering to us.

  • Due to the explosive nature of grain dust, smoking is not permitted.
  • We encourage customers to remain in their vehicles while in line. If you do need to leave your vehicle, please wear high-visibility clothing so you are clearly visible in our high-traffic areas.
  • Please obey all facility signage.
  • If your truck experiences a fluid or product leak, please notify one of our employees or G4S security personnel as soon as possible.
  • If you have new drivers, please inform them of our policies. New drivers should inform our inspectors that they have not been on site before so that we can assist them through the process.



Our GRAINweb online portal allows you to view your positions on grain contracts and provides detailed ticket information. Whether contracts include option features, hold pay, deferred bushels, Freedom® Pricing Tools, or limit orders, GRAINweb contains both summary and detailed information.

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