The Company was founded by Harold Anderson in 1947. Harold believed, as we still do today, that it should be as easy as possible for farmers to take grain to market. We believe it should be easy for all of our customers, in all of our markets, to do business with us. Every day we put into action our commitment to serve our customers with uncompromising integrity, loyalty and respect.

Originations and Risk Management Services

The Andersons Locations MapThe Andersons originated and is still headquartered in Maumee, Ohio. More than 70 years later, we own more than 50 grain terminals in eleven states as well as Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Canada, with a total grain storage capacity of more than 190 million bushels. Our grain facilities accept corn, soybean, wheat, oats, and more commodities. Within the last several years, we have acquired both food grade and non-food grade grain and agronomy facilities which has allowed us to diversify our business unit into new territories in Texas and the central part of Michigan.

In addition to operating our own grain facilities, we provide services to the ethanol industry through plant management, corn origination, and the marketing of distiller dried grains (DDGS) and ethanol marketing. Our core competencies in risk management can be extended to help optimize the return on ethanol investments. We have origination and/or marketing agreements in place at several ethanol facilities throughout the Midwest. Our Commodity Risk Management department services the risk management and hedging needs for end-user suppliers through futures and options trading as well as through physical procurement and delivery of food grade corn and oats.

Our Risk-Management Philosophy

We believe that having a proper risk-management strategy is essential to success in this industry, whether you are a producer, truck operator, or end-user. As markets become more volatile, a proper risk management strategy is essential for continued profitability. This is why we offer many different risk-management programs and solutions.

Our portfolio of Freedom® Pricing Tools helps take some of the emotion out of grain marketing. By committing bushels to a pricing program, producers can focus on running their farm, and let us worry about the markets for them. We offer a range of fully automated tools, as well as tools managed by our expert commodity traders to enhance marketing portfolios.

Strong Relationships, Strong Partnerships

Amid the ups and downs of production agriculture The Andersons has remained a constant - building unique relationships with our customers, employees, business partners and with the communities in which we operate. We will continue this commitment, and strive to provide extraordinary personal service every day. Find out what makes The Andersons unique today!