Streamlining the process between delivery and payment!

Got a smartphone or tablet? Great! Use the Farm2Market SmartTicket web app to submit your delivery tickets and streamline the process between making a delivery and getting paid.

Go to the SmartTicket Web App


  • Quicker identification of tickets
  • Easy access to ticket copies for farmer and customer (especially if lost or misplaced)
  • Standard location of tickets to prevent mistakes
  • Better management of logistics
  • Reconciliation of FOB loads
  • Stronger transparency of entire process

How Do I Use SmartTicket?

  1. Get out your smart phone or tablet.
    SmartTicket is meant to be used on smart phones and tablets, however, you can use your computer, but you'll need to save photos of your delivery ticket onto your computer and then add them to the SmartTicket form - it's easier to use a smartphone or tablet. Your phone or tablet must have a camera and access to the internet.

  2. Have your delivery ticket(s) ready
    You will need the physical copy of your delivery ticket on hand. 

  3. Go to the SmartTicket website
    Using your phone or tablet, go to the SmartTicket website. There is also a link at the very top of that will take you to SmartTicket.

  4. Fill out the form for each ticket
    Please fill out as much of the form is possible. If you have more than one ticket, you'll need to submit this form for each ticket. You cannot group multiple tickets in one form.

  5. Take picture of your ticket
    You will notice on the form that it'll ask you to take one or more photos of your physical ticket. Click the dark blue Select button , you will then be asked to take a photo or choose a photo from your phone that you've already taken. If you need to add more than one photo to the form, select the light blue button called "Add Image" , and then select the second, dark blue button to take another picture. Make sure the photo is not blurry. Please clean the camera lens on your phone or tablet with a soft cloth so the picture is clear.

  6. Hit the green "Create Ticket" button when form is complete

    Once the form is completely filled out, go ahead and hit the "Create Ticket" button. You will then be taken back to the form.If you filled out the form correctly, you'll see a confirmation message saying "Thank you for your submission". If you see a red message, that means you did not fill out one of the required fields or you didn't add a photo to the form. In this case, read the error message and make any corrections on the form, then hit the green "Create Ticket" button at the bottom to try again.

  7. You're done!

    If you get the green "Thank you for your submission" message, then you're done! If you have more tickets to submit, complete the form for each ticket.

  8. You will receive a copy of your ticket in email
    You should receive an email containing a copy of your SmartTicket within minutes of submitted the form. The email will contain copies of your delivery ticket photos as well.

  9. Need help? Contact your Farm2Market representative


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I use the SmartTicket web tool?
    Our SmartTicket web tool provides users with a convenient method of inputting and uploading ticket information that will ultimately result in more accurate and timely processing. Lost or misplaced tickets will be easier to access once they are stored in the web tool.

  • How do I access the SmartTicket web tool? Do I download it from the App Store?
    SmartTicket is ONLY accessible via internet browser at You will not find it listed in any App Store.

  • Who do I contact if the SmartTicket web tool is not working for me
    Contact your representative from The Andersons or Rick Hathaway at 419-891-6506 or

  • I do not have a direct ship number. What should I do?
    Contact your account rep or logistics representative to receive one.

  • I do not have a smartphone. Can I still use the SmartTicket web tool?
    Yes, but now is a good time to consider investing in a smartphone! You can still access the SmartTicket web tool on a computer. Just scan your documents and upload them. It is also still possible to pass along your ticket information to your account representative, but this option is not preferred.

  • Do I need an email address to access the SmartTicket web tool?
    Yes, you need a valid email address in order to access all of the functionality, which includes confirmation emails with ticket images and follow-up communication in case of issues (unreadable image, missing information, etc.). If you need help setting up an email address, please contact a representative from The Andersons.

  • How long should it take to submit a ticket using the Smart Ticket web tool?
    Once familiar, users should be able to submit a ticket in approximately 30-45 seconds.

  • How quickly do I need to submit my ticket(s)?
    Please try and submit your ticket(s) on the day of delivery to ensure timely service and communication.

  • What if I forget to submit my ticket(s)?
    Please submit your ticket(s) as soon as you remember.

  • Will I be paid more quickly if I use the SmartTicket web tool?
    One of the ultimate goals is to improve speed of payment, but the first step is to improve accuracy.