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Let The Andersons manage the transportation of your physical commodities from origin to destination. While you focus on successfully running your business, we’ll navigate the complex and interconnected logistics market for you, both in North America and around the globe.

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The Andersons is a significant exporter of containerized shipments from North American to Asian destinations as a provider of corn, soybeans, DDGs and other products.

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The Andersons Logistic Services Container


The Andersons merchandises commodities in many truck markets across North America. Between drayage on the coasts, Midwest origination markets and transloading facilities in strategic locations, the use of trucks gives us flexibility when merchandising a variety of agricultural commodities.

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The Andersons Logistic Services Truck


The Andersons has developed solid relationships with all of the Class One railroads, as well as many regional railroad companies. These relationships allow us to be aware of constantly changing freight market conditions. We utilize and trade rail freight, and our extensive knowledge of rail logistics allows us to assist customers to maximize their operational efficiencies.

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The Andersons Logistic Services Rail


The Andersons' dry bulk freight trading business focuses on vessel needs to facilitate The Andersons' international businesses in merchandising shipments of dry bulk ocean cargo.

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The Andersons Logistic Services Bulk


The Andersons actively participates in the corn, bean, wheat and ethanol markets originating on barges for domestic transport or export.

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The Andersons Logistic Services Barge