Why Crop Insurance?

In times of volatile pricing and unpredictable weather patterns, proper risk management can be a game changer for producers from year to year. In 2012, we saw the most devastating drought, in many of our lifetimes, and crop insurance was critical. Claims skyrocketed and indemnity payments were at an all-time high.

At The Andersons AgVantage® Crop Insurance Agency, we understand risk management and the value that proper grain marketing, coupled with the right crop insurance policy can bring to farmers.


Crop insurance brings peace of mind and can give producers the confidence to forward market a larger percentage of their expected yield, which over the long term leads to great profitability. Additionally, having the right mix of forward marketing and crop insurance can be an integral piece of collateral for lenders.

Our certified crop insurance agents are partners you know and trust with years of experience and market knowledge. With AgVantage, our experts will work with you to diversify your grain marketing portfolio and mitigate risk.

Put the best offense on your field with AgVantage crop insurance. In times of unpredictability, the best defense against revenue loss is a good offense – like a smart, effective crop insurance policy from AgVantage. Crop insurance is an integral piece to your risk management.

You have a lot at stake – farm with confidence with a policy from AgVantage.

Risk Management

Let us show you how crop insurance can play a pivotal role in your operation. Our knowledgeable account representatives can partner with you to develop an insurance strategy tailored to your individual needs. We truly understand commodity risks and we have decades of experience helping producers develop comprehensive revenue protecting plans.

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