Ancient and Cereal Grain Processing Facility

417 S Meridian Rd
Hudson, MI 49247

Phone: 517-448-2050
Fax: 866-653-1892

Conventional and organic amaranth, spelt, and rye

Important Info


The Andersons reserves the right to refuse delivery of commodities containing transgenic genes and traits that are not commercially merchantable.

The Andersons fully supports the NGFA’s position that the promotion and sale of varieties that are not approved for export to key markets can cause economic harm to grain handlers and ultimately grain producers and with that, The Andersons Inc. has the right to reject delivery of commodity contain transgenic genes/traits that are not approved for sale in Japan, Mexico, the European Union, China or other US export markets.

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About This Facility


  • Organic and conventional spelt
  • Organic and conventional rye
  • Organic and conventional whole flours
  • Organic and conventional white flours
  • Organic soft red wheat
  • Organic yellow corn
  • Organic soybeans
  • NGMO soybeans
  • Organic amaranth

 Processing Capabilities:

  • Custom cleaning
  • Custom milling

Moisture Specifications:

  • Max Organic Corn Moisture 20%
  • Max NGMO Soybean Moisture 16%

Price Later Rates:
NGMO Soybeans: 25 Flat + 5c per/bu per month to 10/15/19; NC/priced 7 days