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Corn, Beans, Wheat

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The Andersons reserves the right to refuse delivery of commodities containing transgenic genes and traits that are not commercially merchantable.

The Andersons fully supports the NGFA’s position that the promotion and sale of varieties that are not approved for export to key markets can cause economic harm to grain handlers and ultimately grain producers and with that, The Andersons Inc. has the right to reject delivery of commodities containing transgenic genes/traits that are not approved for sale in Japan, Mexico, the European Union, China or other US export markets.

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Aglime and Limestone

Please call for updated prices on all Agline and limestone products or to make loading arrangements.

Aglime and Limestone Loading Hours are Mon - Fri, 8:00am - 4:00 pm

(800) 632-2039 Toll Free / (269) 483-9184 Fax

Did you know that low soil pH can cut the efficiency of fertilizer by 50% or more? Aglime corrects soil acidity and improves availability of essential plant nutrients. This results in healthier root systems.

Our Dolomitic Aglime comes from Kankakee, IL. This lime has been tested for neutralizing power. The test results are listed below:

Sieve Analysis
Passing #8 Mesh Screen
Passing #60 Mesh Screen

Total Neutralizing Power (CCE)
Chemical Analysis