Managed Pricing Tools

Freedom® Pricing Tools let you create a marketing plan that manages risk and maximizes value. Our Managed Pricing Tools combine discipline, expertise, and delegation to protect you against the volatility of the market. By using a customized, blended mix of tools, you can build a marketing strategy that protects your operation.

The Andersons Freedom Trader Suite FREEDOM® TRADER SUITE

The Freedom® Trader℠ Suite is actively managed by a team of risk management specialists and includes three Managed Pricing Tools – Freedom® Trader℠, Freedom® X-Tra℠, and Freedom® Bin℠. These programs provide downside protection to your marketing plan by using strategies and market analysis that maximize hedge price under various market conditions.

The Andersons Freedom Managed Programs Diversify with Managed Pricing Tools DIVERSIFY WITH MANAGED PRICING TOOLS

To make the most of your grain marketing plan, consider adding the Velocity Pro℠, Freedom® Mid-Year℠, or Market Pros® to your mix. These programs diversify your portfolio by taking advantage of unique market opportunities and third-party expertise.