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Part of what makes the Freedom Pricing Tools so remarkable is the diversity and flexibility they offer. Whether you want a more managed pricing style in your plan or a structured approach, you have the freedom to choose the tools that best complement your grain marketing plan, cover your market exposure, and help you realize your overall pricing strategy. But you don’t have to do it alone. The Andersons Freedom Pricing Team is with you at every step. They bring over 100 combined years of experience in the cash markets and futures trading, as well as an understanding of fundamentals.

Answer the questions shown to display the suggested program mix. We recommend all producers utilize a mixture of pricing tools for a portion of their annual production, along with quality crop insurance to create a smart, well-balanced risk management plan.

Estimated Production:

Your 2025 Crop Year Mix (In approx. bushels)
*Structured Programs should be added to your portfolio incrementally based on market opportunities
2025 Crop Year:
Risk to a Lower Market Price
2025 Crop Year Recommendations
DOWNSIDE Tools Bushels % of Prod
Freedom Trader    
Freedom Bin    
Structured Programs    
% Hedged    
Total Downside    
UPSIDE Tools Bushels % of Prod
Total Upside    
DIVERSIFIED Tools Bushels % of Prod
Freedom Tech    
Freedom Balance Pro    
Total Freedom    
2026 Crop Year Recommendations
HEDGING Tool Bushels % of Prod
Freedom X-Tra    
Freedom Tech    
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