The Andersons Min/Max Average

Our Freedom® Min/Max Average℠ program establishes both a minimum and maximum hedge price at the start of the pricing window.

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The Andersons Freedom Min/Max

A. If the market settlement goes above the maximum, that day’s value is set at the maximum price.

B. If the market settlement is anywhere in-between, that day’s value is set at the day’s market settlement price.

C. If the market settlement falls below the minimum, that day’s value is set at the minimum price.

The Andersons FreedomFinal pricing is determined by the simple average of each daily price.

Dependent on minimum and maximum price levels vs. the market.

Price Adjustment quoted per bushel.

Pricing window and futures reference subject to daily quotes.

All bushels are guaranteed to price. Basis may be attached at any time during the pricing period. Standard HTA policies and fees may apply.